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Find out the difference between bullfighting, herifers and runs on horseback

The bullfighting season in Madrid begins in mid-March and ends in mid-October.

Depending on what season of the year we are in, sunlight will dictate when the fights begin. At the start of the season, which is early Spring, they will start earlier around 5:00 pm and as the days grow longer with sunlight, the start times are pushed back as far as 7:00 pm. When the season is closer to closing, when we get into fall weather and days are shorter, then times will again move back up closer to the 5:00 start times. These times are all confirmed by the Plaza a few weeks ahead of time.

A novillada or corrida de novillos is a training, or practice fight. This is a bullfight between young bulls and matadors who have not yet become fully certified . The prices are lower than the normal bullfights.

Yes, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Prices are the same for adults and children alike.

A bullfight usually lasts a minimum of 90 minutes but can continue up to 2.5 hours. (1 ½ – 2 ½ hours).

Bullfights are rain or shine. The only way a fight would be cancelled is if the rain is hard and continuous. If this happens, anyone having purchased tickets for that day will be able to get a refund of their ticket price by submitting them to the Teyci kiosk. This is only done if the cancellation happens before the fight begins, however, if the fight is cancelled after it has begun, no refund can be given. This is a good reason to check the weather forecast when choosing your attendance dates. In the 2014 season, none of the bullfights were cancelled out of more than 100 celebrations.

Yes, but only during the interim between bulls.

Yes, take as many pictures as you would like.

The further in advance you buy your tickets, the greater the opportunity there is to choose the best seats. Tickets are available for purchase up to 72 hours before the event.

If you find yourself unable to attend after you have purchased tickets, you can cancel up to 1 WEEK prior to the event for a 75% refund. If, the event is cancelled due to weather or other factors, then you will receive the full price of the tickets.