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Bullfighting in Madrid 2015

Madrid Bullfighting Tickets “LAS VENTAS”

Madrid bullfight tickets. Bullfighting is one of the expressions paid to the Hispanic culture, because its origins were in the Iberian territory in what is now Spain and Portugal today. It is considered as one of the oldest shows in the world, and that through the ages has been reflected in many countries colonized by Spain and Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, where tradition could replicate. In the above countries bullfighting until now but in a few cities and in certain months is practiced, usually they are performed on specific dates and once a year, however, in Spain a full season of different bullfighting is met throughout most of the year and in several cities in the Iberian Peninsula.

Types of closures

The closure is considered a traditional bullfighting event, held in celebration of cities and towns in Spain. And there are three events derived from the bullfight which are known ¨novilladas¨, the bullfighting and ¨rejoneo¨

The heifers are bull calves or young bulls weighing less than 450 kilos, and their conditions are not yet fully developed; fought by a bullfighter in training who has not yet finished its preparation. Bullfights are held as common bulls with the aforementioned differences.

The bulls: also known as the bull, came from the Iberian Peninsula and unlike the rest of their species by their instincts of defense and several characteristics of a male beef (bull) as weighing an estimated 500 kilos, and bravo temperament.

Breed Lidia Bulls

The Caste Jijón: The difference of this bull is undoubtedly the reddish color of its coat. This breed bull is present in many arenas in cities across Spain, and the known closures.

Breed of Andalusia: The Andalusian breed, comes close to the best prototype bull, due to their rearing conditions, according to experts. This bull reaches the ideal weight and physical characteristics are most suitable.

La Casta Navarra: The condition of the mountain terrain and small size, has not limited the brave character and excellent performance in the arena of the arenas getting their caste has participation in the most important fairs in Spain.

La Casta Cabrera: The differential of this breed are only physical; his long body and heavy legs give this breed a bull with great strength, which has allowed their copies can be chosen as part of the six bulls that are displayed on the hem of the main squares of the country.

La Castellana Casta: The owner of the strongest, hard and a look that conveys fiercely when lidiarlo bulls. It is one of the most recurrent caste bulls seasons.

La Casta Vazqueña: A breed that does not come from a geographical territory, but brings together the best examples of the Castilian and Andalusian breeds; this breed is the most recognized, has even taken internationally renowned strength and bravery of their bulls.

Bullfighting Madrid Las Ventas Toros Bulls

Bullfighting in Spain

A week out for sale to the public of the towns of the bullring of Las Ventas Madrid, the entire organization for the first two events are almost covered.
The great bullfighter Ivan Fandino will be responsible for providing the public the first bullfight Fair in Madrid. The ¨matador¨ will face six bulls in the afternoon, probably looking to take the desired applause after his show.

The Master

The Fandiño’s Show is characteristic in Spain bullrings , who will delight us with an evening full of themselves components of a bullfight, starting from the known ¨paseíllo¨, which is the parade of all the fighters, bullfighters, picks among others, marking the beginning of expected event where greet your audience and provide a more classic way honors the president, who will be an ornate balcony, easy recognition.
The President is responsible for ensuring and guiding the proper performance of the task. This fulfills functions long before the presentation of the murderers, even looks participant in all processes such as pre-event recognition, sorting and selection of bulls, as mediator between bullfighters, livestock, organizer, among other participants of the bullfight.

All is ready in “Las Ventas”

The public and enlists his white scarf to wear it in the square, it will revive the language of the handkerchief. The ritual is governed handkerchiefs President, because this gives all its signals to the bullfighters, pulling scarves of different colors, white to start the presentation, which also involved the audience, the green scarf to a change of bull or Return defective bulls. The red scarf if black flags can be a bull. Blue Scarf if return the ring of a positively rated by their bravery bull and finally orange scarf pardon is granted if the animal is given.

For the first ring, the bulls come from herds Party Resin, Barley Gago, Phala, Joseph School, Adolfo Martín, Victorino Martín. The farms have been selected with reference to the process of breeding bull, judging their bravery and further, taking into account the historical precedent of deliveries of bulls that have good sites.

The “Cuadrilla”

Staff at the bullring, are working hard to coordinate in the best way all the details for the start of the show. Every one of the staff members are actively involved in the auxiliary performance in full development of the bullfight.
The monosabios, mulilleros, puntilleros and sandboxes eagerly preparing their instruments with which accompany the matador even cover his back many times and delivered an arena in perfect condition for there to be a free bullfight.
The event on March 29 and April 5 are confirmed at 18:00 and you can buy the tickets for Las Ventas, or if you need more information contact us by

Bullfighting Madrid Tickets

Bullfighting Madrid Tickets

When attending a bullfight in Madrid, you will find some of the best matadors and bullfights in the world to help contribute to an unforgettable experience. Madrileños, or what people from Madrid are often referred to as, are a passionate group with it comes to bullfighting.

Always offering true and unique experiences for your bullfighting viewing, the corrida is the genuine tradition and has been for centuries. A combination of luck, courage and art, will leave you amazed and surprised as a spectator.

Our bullfights take place in Las Ventas, Madrid’s amazing stadium. As part of the venue, Plaza de Toros, it is considered the most important bullring in the world. Even with its large size, it’s easy to see the ruedo clearly from any seat there. To view and experience a bullfight is essential to anyone who tours Spain. Among some of its biggest fans, you have greats such as Ernest Hemingway and Orson Wells. They visited often and thoroughly enjoyed this event.

Many countries like the United States, Germany and France have grown in its fan base, making the corrida an international experience. Check our schedule and see which ones will fit into your plans. The peak of the bullfighting season is May, thanks to Feria de San Isidro, but you can also enjoy bullfighting events in Madrid throughout the year. WTD, a premier of bullfighting experience specialists, offer a great value on Madrid bullfighting tickets. They can even deliver them directly to your hotel. Ticket prices to attend a bullfighting event depend on where you would like to sit in the grandstand. The first rows are always the most expensive, as well as the seats located in the shade. is also an authorized seller for tickets. We are also able to deliver to your hotel to help you avoid waiting in line. As with WTD, we advise you purchase your tickets for a Madrid bullfight at least one week I advance. Pick your seats and book your bullfighting experience to secure your tickets early and avoid disappointment! Are you ready to be amazed by Spain’s greatest event?!

Bullring Las Ventas Madrid

Protagonists in Bullring Las Ventas – Madrid

There are several roles to play within a bullfight, and some of them have been perfecting their work in the course of time, however most meets a more traditional work.
Each member of staff leaving the ring meets an orderly and overall function of helping the killers who are the biggest stars of taurine afternoon.
The Bullring sales, meets a specific order when presenting their support staff or call the gang, which will detail their performance in the arena. The Monosabios, the puntillero, biting, the mulilleros, pimp pigsty, flaggers, the waiter back and the killer are the members involved in all moments of bullring in Las Ventas.

The gang

The gang, called the group of men who do their work in the bullfights and crews there are three types:

1. heifers or common runs, three matadors face six bulls and each carries a crew of two and three picks flaggers.
2. The hand to hand, two bullfighters six bulls are faced with a crew of two and four picks flaggers.
3. The lonely: This is one matador against six bulls, who has two common crews adding his own.

The monosabios

These are the individuals who accompany the armed choppers with a stick, in order to adjust and promote mount. They are recognized by their dress consisting of red and white clothes and accompany it with a similar sombrerillo for sun.

The puntillero

The bullfighting fans often call Cachetero due to the tool used when cutting the bull when he is sentenced to death, known as lace. They are recognized because they are responsible for chopping the bull when it is laid in the sand after luck.

The picks

These are responsible for chopping the bull before it passes into the hands of the matador, the intention of this is to say the bravery of the animal so that the matador faces a less tame bull. It recognizes that are presented in the arena on horseback. A curiosity is that the weight of the chopper should be balanced with the horse.

The mulilleros

They are responsible to accompany the carcass until it is out of the sand. They are distinguished by that dress blouse, white pants and red belt.

The pimp pigsty

Is in charge of opening the door to the bull and can enter the plaza. A feature of the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas – Madrid, is the dress pimp or also known as torilero because you have to wear a suit of lights while not mandatory, but is tradition in Madrid.


They are responsible for embedding the four flags to the bull. But his work is not based only on the flags, but also fulfills the function of direct auxiliary matador in all interventions have.

The waiter back

Despite his position is very controversial within the gang, because they are within the alley protection and rarely leave, and many fans not involved in the gang, but their performance is critical because it is that keeps tackle known as referring to the flags, additional coats and all kinds of auxiliary equipment that may need torero or pastern.

The matador

The most important player in the afternoon, because he is the one responsible to showcase their skills, strength and courage before the bull. It is the one responsible for killing the bull with a sword, after provoking the entire job.



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