Madrid bullfighting events and festivals

Madrid is known as the heart of bullfighting, and bullfighting is deeply ingrained in the culture of the city. Bullfighting events and festivals in Madrid are a spectacle that draws tourists from all over the world. Bullfighting is considered an art form in Spain, and the events are steeped in history and tradition. In this article, we will explore some of the most famous bullfighting events and festivals in Madrid.

The San Isidro Fair

The San Isidro Fair is the most famous bullfighting festival in Madrid, and it is held in May and June each year. The festival is named after Madrid’s patron saint, Saint Isidro, and it has been celebrated for over a century. The San Isidro Fair attracts some of the best bullfighters from around the world, and it is considered one of the most important bullfighting events in the world.

The festival takes place at Las Ventas Bullring, which is one of the largest bullrings in the world, and it can accommodate up to 25,000 spectators. The bullfights are held every day during the festival, and there are also parades, concerts, and other cultural events.

The Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls is a famous event that takes place in Pamplona, but it also has a connection to Madrid. The event is held in July, and it involves running in front of a herd of bulls through the streets of Pamplona. Many of the bulls that participate in the Running of the Bulls are later used in bullfights in Madrid.

Bullfighting Schools

Madrid has several bullfighting schools where aspiring bullfighters can learn the art of bullfighting. The schools offer training in bullfighting techniques, as well as the history and culture of bullfighting. The schools also provide an opportunity for tourists to watch bullfighters in training and to learn more about the art of bullfighting.

Madrid’s Bullfighting Museum

The Bullfighting Museum in Madrid is a must-visit for anyone interested in bullfighting. The museum is located in the Las Ventas Bullring, and it houses a collection of bullfighting memorabilia, including costumes, posters, and photographs. The museum also provides an insight into the history and culture of bullfighting in Spain.


Bullfighting events and festivals are an important part of Madrid’s culture and history. The San Isidro Fair, the Running of the Bulls, bullfighting schools, and the Bullfighting Museum are just a few of the many bullfighting-related attractions in Madrid. Whether you are a fan of bullfighting or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating art form, Madrid is the perfect destination for you.