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How Does Bullfighting Work?
The Spanish bullfight traditionally features three senior bullfighters who kill two bulls each, for six fights total in a spectacle
hemingway and bullfighting
Perhaps the most influential person in piquing international interest in Spain’s rich tradition of bullfighting was Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest
Is Bullfighting Still Legal in Spain?
As of 2016, bullfighting is indeed still legal in Spain. This was the year of a major court ruling on
Although many people do not realize it, bullfighting is an extremely complex sport (or artform, if you like), with an
merlin the bullfighting horse
Merlin is a Bullfighting Lusitano stallion bred by former Rejoneador Jacques Bonnier. This fantastic horse was initially trained by Rafi
Picasso and bullfight
“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” Although Pablo Picasso may not have been speaking