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Unforgettable evenings of bullfighting in Las Ventas
San Isidro Fair continues, full of spectacle and great art. In the past three bullfights attendees they were able to
Bullring Las Ventas, temple of Iberian Culture
This Tuesday 12 May 2015, people of Madrid celebrated an evening of bullfighting in the Las Ventas Bullring. Tree matadors
The afternoon turned from Ivan Fandiño
Came the long-awaited start of season in Bullring Las Ventas and started out with lockers. Ivan Fandiño came to pray
Bullfighting and Mythology
Bullfighting or tauromachy is a traditional show in Spain. It is also practice in Portugal, southern France, and Latin America.
The Peruvian Andres Roca succeed in Las Ventas
The classic little walk began this past Sunday April 19, which brings together bullfighting fans, who enjoyed a unique and
So You Want To Buy A Bullfighting Costume in Spain?
Among the curiosities of bullfighting, is ¨matador¨ costumes that stand out for their golden dress with touches of vivid colors