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Female Bullfighter
Although the sport (or art, if you prefer) of bullfighting is widely considered to be the essence of masculinity and
Why is bullfighting controversial?
Bullfighting has been one of the most controversial topics in Spain in recent years, and there are no signs of
What does “olé” in bullfighting mean?
It’s a word that has made its way into pop culture, especially sports, and has spread around the world. But
Bullfighting Schools in Spain
Until very recently, if a person wanted to be a torero or matador, there was no formal training process or
Afternoon with surprises in Plaza de Toros Las Ventas
Sunday 26 of abril coming, and many fans of bullfighting go to the Madrid bullring (Plaza de Toros Las Ventas),
A noble Bullfight in the Las Ventas Bullring
On Sunday June 14, 2015 it has been one of the noblest "novilladas" recent events, given the respect they witnessed