Bullfight Tickets Season 2020 - Las Ventas Bullring Madrid‎

Bullfight Tickets Season 2020 – Las Ventas Bullring Madrid‎

The party taking place at Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid is one of the favorites of locals and tourists. Many people uses to think that after San Isidro’s (Isidore) party the pulse of bullfights slows down; nothing further from reality! Most of people acquire the tickets for Las Ventas in advance because the demand for these weekly bullfights is extremely high.

Attend A Spanish Bullfight In Madrid

At as Ventas Bullring the public will see “novilladas” (steer fights), bullfights and “rejoneos” (bullfights with horses); the aim is to allow every tauromachy passionate to live this tradition every week.

Bullfighters and breeders prepare themselves with the best of best to join all together this Sunday at one of the best spectacles of the Spanish capital city. Las Ventas bullfights are on the top of the tourist’s preferences, and the objective is to render them even more attractive improving the visitor’s experience.

How Does Bullfighting Work?

Considered as an art, bullfights are one of the most ancient leisure activities of Iberic peninsula; the ritual and structure of bullfights holds its rites and ceremonies almost unchanged with only minor adaptations to modern times. The “Traje de Luces” (literally suit of lights), capes, the martial band and the great building of Las Ventas Bullring will get you on a travel through time, full of emotion and passion.

Bullfights are more than the fight itself; there are plenty of activities prior to the big moment which make you ready to the big moment; prior to the fights you will be able to attend many cultural activities such as tasting a delicious taurine menu in one of the many bars or restaurants around Las Ventas bullring; the combination of great food and excellent wine will prepare to you to enjoy the experience you are about to live during bullfight.

If this is your first time at Las Ventas, remember! It is important to bring with you a white handkerchief which will be used to say if a bullfighter deserves to take “an ear”. Another detail to keep in mind is that is not allowed to leave your seat before the end of a fight, it is important to remain seated until the final lunge, only after that, you will be able to move away from your place, only for a few minutes since the next bull comes out to fight.

Bullfights take place on Sundays, and some special week days, remember to check the taurine schedules and buy your tickets in order to have them ready when you visit Madrid!

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