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Great personalities that are fans of bullfighting
Bullfighting throughout history has captivated big personalities who have expressed their admiration in many of his works, even has been
What to wear to a bullfight in Madrid
It is not uncommon to hear people asking what one should wear when attending a bullfight in Madrid. There is
Tapas, beer and wine as a tradition before bullfighting
Many of bullfighting assistants, have a individual or familiar tradition to do activities before bullfighting. In this post we give
The tools of a bullfighter in bullfight
Bullfights throughout in all the time existence, is presented as an event where the natural law of superiority of man
Pablo Picasso and bullfighting world
The painter Pablo Picasso is one of the most representative of Spanish painting exponents, and through his work to managed
So You Want To Buy A Bullfighting Costume in Spain?
So many people come to Spain wanting to buy a bullfighting costume. Then they learn a tailor made suit of